The deity Vajrayogini or Vijeshvari is a sixteen year old , radiantly beautiful with a youthful freshness and vitality , and her face bears an intense expression reflecting her passionate nature . Her whole body is red in color and she has three eyes , symbolizing her ability to see past , present and future simultaneously . In her left hand she holds a skull cup filled with blood as if she were about to drink from it and in her right hand is the kartri, a curved flaying knife marked by a vajra symbolizing the wisdom that cuts through the fabrications of ignorance and blissful clear light consciousness united with wisdom . She wears a garland of human skulls . She is depicted totally naked signifying that the experience of great bliss or Mahamudra is free of conceptual thought . She is adorned with six kinds of ornaments, as is usually in the case with tantric divinities symbolizing her perfection is the six paramitas . A Khatvang Staff is seen passing through her shoulder representing her consort Heruka Cakrasamvara . Her long disheveled hair flows downward against a flame – filled background symbolizing her unchanging nature as Dharmakaya . Her breasts are full with nipples erect , symbolizing the arousal of desire and indicating Vajrayogini helps those with strong passion to transform it into realization of Great bliss .

Beneath the right leg of the deity is a naked figure on a lotus flower .

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