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Ritualthanka.com is an online thangka painting gallery that offers all kinds of thangka paintings to Buddhist practitioners as well as art lovers alike. We strive to provide our customers with authentic and high-quality thangka paintings so that we can preserve and share this ancient form of art with all the spiritual followers and art lovers all over the world. This site is owned and maintained by Ritual thanka of Tibet, which has been collecting and selling thangkas for over 3 decades.

Founded by Mr.Binod Amatya and Mr. Janaki Man Shrestha in the early 1970s it was initially named “J.B.Art center” and was situated in Makhan Tole, near the historic site Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu. Due to the changing tourist location and other factors, we shifted our showroom to the Tourist hub of Nepal  “Thamel” and have been operating our business here since 1999. We also opened a new outlet here in Thamel (please view the site map) in 2003 where we focused especially on collecting and selling thangka paintings. Hence, named our outlet “Ritual thanka of Tibet.” This outlet is run by Mr.Bipin Amatya, son of Mr.Binod Amatya ever since its inception, therefore carrying on the family legacy to the second generation.

Our customers from all around the globe have the luxury of choosing from the vast collection of thangka paintings that is kept in our showroom which numbers over 5000 pieces. Ever since the time of our establishment we have been able to collect various qualities of thangka paintings. We are proud to have been able to collect, masterpieces of artistic genius Late Mr.Siddhi Muni Shakya whose work has no parallel in this world. There are yet genuine disciples of masters such as Mr. Siddhimuni Shakya’s caliber in Nepal and we are very proud and honored to have been able to follow and maintain our trend of being the collectors and sellers of masterpieces of master artists still today too.

Maintaining the same dedication as before, we have been able to collect the works of Mr.Man Bahadur Lama and have been able to sell his work to distinguished personalities all over the world. Mr. Man Bahadur Lama has dedicated his whole life to keeping this sacred art alive by spending almost 40 years creating spectacular masterpieces which you will be able to see on this website. He has been able to explore his talent not only in the Tibetan form of art but in the Japanese form of art too. His Japanese mandala set or Kongo-kai mandala set is of exceptional quality.

There are many tourists visiting our country who get fascinated by this ancient art form and want to take back home with them a thangka painting as a souvenir. However, we also understand that all our clients although possessing the desire to own works of master artists don’t have the ability to spend accordingly. So, we always try to collect as many varieties of thangkas ranging from average to very high quality so that each of our clients can find something that they like which they can afford.

We also cater to the needs of Buddhist practitioners; who are very specific about the details of their thangkas because they need them for their spiritual practice.

We have been working closely with many Buddhist Dharma teachers or in other words Lamas; so that we can understand the aesthetic side of this beautiful art form as well as its spiritual side too.

Finally, we at Ritual Thanka of Tibet continually strive to offer the best thangka paintings at the best value. We also work tirelessly to meet the high customer service standards of the entire world and it is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the advancement and preservation of this sacred art.

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I am delighted with this thankga! It is absolutely beautiful. Working with Ritual Thankga was a delightful experience. Responces to queries were very quick and extremely informative. The shipping was prompt and the thankga was received as quickly as expected. Overall, this is a tremendous painting that has exceptional detail and fantastic colors. Thanks to Ritual Thankga for a wonderful experience. Highly recommended!

I purchased this image based on a single photograph, but was astonished when I unpacked it because it was so much more detailed than the picture showed. This is one of the most exceptional images of Black Mahakala I have seen in person. There are so many little details, such as the tiny colored crystals set in His jewelry and costume. I am completely satisfied and exhilarated with my purchase, and will definitely continue to purchase from this seller.

This devotional statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is exceptional in every detail, and radiates with a spiritual grace and presence that makes it an ideal focal point for meditation practice and devotion. I am more than satisfied with the very high level of customer service I have received with this purchase, which was shipped very quickly and arrived safely. I will continue to purchase from this seller.🙏

It was kismet to find this exquisite White Tara, a gift for my good friend on her 30th birthday, on Ritual Thanka's Etsy. They have so many practice-quality paintings created by true craftsmen, and the purchasing process is easy. When I called Ritual's contact number to ask a question, their sales manager answered and took action to help even though it wasn't his normal job. (Thanks, Rajendra!) They also sent me a brief personal video showing the packed thangka ready for shipping, and got it out the door quickly -- in the face of the covid pandemic, no less. You can feel safe supporting Nepalese artists by purchasing from Ritual Thanka.

I was prepared for a beautiful devotional work of art to accompany my meditations and spiritual practice, but even the pictures provided on Etsy could not prepare me for the inconceivable skill and radiance of this incredible Thanka. My purchase arrived timely and very well protected, and was prepared with sumptuous brocade as requested and paid for. The quality here is so exceptional, so profoundly beautiful; I have seen Thankas in museum collections not as fine as this one I purchased. The line work, coloration, and attention to details is unsurpassed. I cannot say enough to commend the artist of this sacred masterpiece. This is my third purchase from this seller, and I will keep purchasing from them and supporting this glorious work for Dharma!❤🙏🔥